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SYC Track & Field

    Track & Field is the newest addition to the SYC sports’ family in honor of our 50th anniversary year!  The program is open to 6-13 year old boys and girls with Chris Pellegrini, the West Springfield High School track coach overseeing the program.  SYC Track & Field offers Winter Conditioning from January-March and a full Spring season from March-June.  Kids participating in the spring season will attend 2-3 local meets and the annual “SYC Medal Mile.” The following events are offered:

    • 100M
    • 200M
    • 400M
    • 1600M

    sycvatrack SYC Track sycvatrack

    USATF Age Groups - Track Meets

    We will abide by the age classifications designated by the USATF.  Age classifications are much different than in many other sports, and for the most part they are much easier to figure out.  Age classification is determined by a child/youth/olympians' year of birth.  Since the USATF does not classify children who were born more than 10 years prior to the current year, SYC Track has created groupings for them.

    SPRING 2017

    Birth Year Age Group Designation
    2009 - 2010 Rookie Runners SYC
    2007 & 2008 Bantam USATF
    2005 & 2006 Midget USATF
    2003 & 2004 (must currently be in 8th grade) Youth USATF

    SYC Age Groups - Practice

    1st-3rd (Rookie Runners)

    Recommended Dress and Footwear

    Please dress appropriately. You may want to consider having your child dress in layers, so that they can take off a light sweatshirt, jacket, or long sleeve t-shirt and still have something underneath. Any general athletic shorts are fine, but ones that hang well below the knee might be more cumbersome for distance running than they are for something like basketball. We STRONGLY recommend running-specific shoes in place of generic tennis shoes or any other harder soled sneakers (generally more 'squared' - such as for basketball or skateboarding). Running-specific shoes may or may not do much for performance (we are of the mind that they do), but at least consider them for their propensity for preventing injuries and blisters. Our kids are a lot more resilient and flexible than we parents are, but they are prone to ankle, knee, and even hip and heel injuries.



    Track Sponsors

    Coupon good at:

    Metro Run & Walk
    7261 Commerce Street
    Springfield, Va 22152

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