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Daily Check-In

Daily SYC Participation Health Check-In

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IMPORTANT NOTE: For people who have a Sports Engine account, when you enter your email at the end of the form, it will alert you that you have an account and will ask you to log in to finish submitting the form.

If you don't remember your Sports Engine password, just reset it. 

Thank you!

Day of event

  • Complete the check-in.
  • Show your confirmation email to the R2P Monitor at the field.*

*Don't see your confirmation email? Check your spam/junk box. Add us to your safe/contact list.

All participants must complete the daily check-in form before participating in practices, games, or any other SYC event for that day. The confirmation email must be dated for the day of the event with the participant's name addressed in the email. 

You will be asked to confirm the following:

  • The participant's temperature has been checked today and that he/she does not have a fever (temperature higher than 100.4 F).

  • The participant and no one else in the participant's household exhibits any of the following COVID-19 symptoms:
  1. Shortness of breath/Dificultad para respirar
  2. Cough/Tos
  3. Sore Throat/Dolor de garganta
  4. Congestion/Congestión
  5. Nausea & vomiting/Náuseas y vómitos
  6. Headache/Dolor de cabeza
  7. Muscle/Joint pain/Dolor muscular / articular
  8. Diarrhea/Diarrea
  9. Chills/Resfriado
  10. Loss of taste & smell/Pérdida de sabor y olor
  • Confirm that to the best of your knowledge  the person participating today has not been in close contact with a sick individual or anyone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

If you are unable to confirm these items, the person cannot participate in the activity that day. We ask that all members be vigilant in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Thank you!