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Join SYC Board of Directors

By Admin, 04/11/23, 9:45AM EDT



SYC seeks committed volunteers willing to contribute their time, energy and expertise to develop policy and promote SYC's mission. This is an exceptional opportunity to foster the growth and development of a local nonprofit organization devoted to youth sports and the community at large. Interested candidates must submit an application by July 1st in order to have your name placed on the ballot for the General Annual membership meeting will be held in August 2023 at 7:30PM. Exact date and location are TBD.

Board Director Position Description

  • Attend regular monthly meetings of the Springfield/South County Youth Club Board of Directors, which are approximately two hours in duration. The board meets (12) times per year at the SYC Office.  Board members must be available for email communications and voting between board meetings.

  • Volunteer and provide leadership for committees of choice. Each board member is encouraged to serve as an active, ongoing member of at least one committee. This requires several meetings and time spent on task completion per year, in addition to regular BOD meetings.  Current and past committees include facility build-out, communications, finance, partnerships, fundraising, policy making, information technology, and safety.    

  • Commit time to develop financial resources for Springfield/South County Youth Club. This DOES NOT include making a personal financial gift but does include supporting other fund development activities.

  • Prepare in advance for decision-making and policy formation at board meetings; take responsibility for self-education on the major issues before the board.

  • Responsibly review and act upon committee recommendations brought to the board for action. 

  • In general, utilize personal and professional skills, relationships, and knowledge for the advancement of Springfield/South County Youth Club.

Thank you for considering how you could positively impact our club through volunteering for the Board of Directors!

To Submit your application:

Click the "Register Here" button above.

Sign in with your Demosphere account login (or create an account, if you don't have one.)

Select "Register Team Staff/Volunteer" in Registration Step 1.3.

Select "Board of Directors - Spring 2023 Application" in the dropdown list in Registration Step 2.1.

Be sure to click "Finish and Return to Dashboard" to submit the application. 


Annual Board Meeting

Our Annual Membership Meeting is scheduled to be held in August at 7:30 pm. Exact Date is TBD. The location is TBD. Members are welcome to join us in person for our Board of Director elections or view the meeting on FACEBOOK LIVE.