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Travel House of Speed Tryouts

By Admin, 02/27/23, 11:00AM EST


Adding Spring Athletes - Register Today!

Tanya House

Tanya House

Head Coach & Director


  • Current House of Speed athletes do not need to tryout again unless they fail to meet the prerequisite time standards during the regular season.
  • Must have completed one season of fall cross country, winter track, or spring track with Springfield/South County Youth Club SYC.
  • Must be in 2rd grade or older (sprints/field events) must be 4th grade or older (distance).
  • Must attend scheduled practices as listed on time, including SYC rec practices (unless otherwise excused by HOS Head Coach).  Tardiness to practices can lead to injuries to the student-athlete because they miss warm-ups and stretches. 
    • We understand most student-athletes also compete in other sports, so flexibility is given to the best extent possible in coordination with HOS coaches. 
  • Must commit to competing in the majority of HOS meets listed on schedule.
  • Must commit to competing in Indoor Nationals and Summer AAU Districts and Regionals (if athlete qualifies).
  • Must attend a House of Speed information session and sign the team expectations, parent commitment and standards forms.
  • Must meet one of the following standards in a recreational meet or self-time time trial:
100m 200m 400m 800m 1600m 3000m Field Event (Varies according to Age & Event)
13-14s (m) 31s (m) 1:09 (m) 3:00 (m) 6:10 (m) 13:15 (m) Javelin
14.5s (f) 34s (f) 1:19 (f) 3:15 (f) 6:40 (f) 14:30 (f) Long Jump
18s (primary) 38s (Primary) Triple Jump
Pole Vault (only with prior knowledge & ability)
Shot Put

Tryout Procedures

  • Athletes will be given a time trial and must meet the above (prerequisite) standards at the official time trial.
  • Then, on a separate day, athletes will perform a workout relevant to their chosen discipline (sprints, distance, or field events) with current House of Speed athletes. Coaches will evaluate the athlete’s:
    • Athletic and mental maturity
    • Cohesion with the team
    • Ability to train with current House of Speed members
    • Ability to complete the workout
    • Family commitment to program
  • Athletes trying field events will be evaluated not only for distance, but also form, technique and potential. 
  • Athletes who fail to meet the standard or fail to complete the workout to standard will be permitted to try again at the next House of Speed tryout cycle.

Tryout Results

  • If athletes successfully pass the time trial and the practice evaluation, then they will be added to the list of possible House of Speed athletes.
  • A max of 15 athletes are permitted on the distance team, a max of 30 on the sprint/middle distance/field event team.
  • Athletes will be taken off the list based on their speed, with preference to maintain a roughly 1:1 gender ratio and even distribution of ages.
  • If athletes are not taken off the list in the current cycle, then they will remain on the list for one full year and may be considered for entrance into the program at any time within that year.

Tryout Date

March 12th, 2PM (Subject to change)

Tryout Fee

No Charge for tryouts.


  • Grades 2 – 3 as of fall 2022
  • Grades 4 – 12 as of fall 2022


  • September - Early March:  Fall Conditioning and Winter Conditioning & Indoor Track

  • Late March - July: Players will automatically be invited to join for the spring 2023 season and then again for summer 2023. 

Acceptance Fee

$400 (Prorated Spring Rate)

$60 Uniform Fee is a separate fee and is due upon registration for participants who don't already have a uniform set.

** HOS athletes receive free entry to recreational running programs. 


Players will have to also register with AAU.

AAU registration fee $14 - $30 for the year payable through AAU.


$60 Uniform fee is  a separate fee from the registration fee. Players who do not have a uniform set will need to purchase a uniform set with acceptance registration.

Note: Information is subject to change.