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Financial Assistance


SUBJECT: Financial Need-based Scholarship Opportunities

PURPOSE: To Provide Activity Fee and Volunteer Initiation/Reinstatement Fee Scholarship Waivers to SYC members.

APPLICABILITY: All SYC Sports Activities

POLICY: It is SYC policy that any child desiring to participate in SYC activities will be provided that opportunity regardless of his or her family’s financial situation.

PROCEDURES. To ensure that all children desiring to participate in SYC activities will be provided that opportunity regardless of their family’s financial situation while maintaining appropriate stewardship of SYC funds and ensuring that SYC fees remain at the lowest possible level, the following procedures will be followed:

Any family requiring financial assistance may contact the SYC Office Staff or a Sport Commissioner either by phone, email or in-person for information about a financial need-based scholarship.

Families that meet the Fairfax County Department of Community and Recreation Services Youth Scholarship program eligibility criterion will be asked to apply for the county scholarship monies that are available before SYC resources are used. An office staff member will assist the family member by providing a copy of the Fairfax County Community and Recreation Services Youth Sports Scholarship Program application, allow the member to submit the SYC registration form and direct the family to take the county’s application form to their child’s school counselor or social worker for verification of free or reduced lunch, general relief, Food Stamps, ADC, Foster Care, Medicaid or SSI. SYC will process the registration and will follow-up as necessary with the family/county to obtain the county money.

If a family does not meet the above criteria but a financial need still exists, a family can contact the office manager who will provide a SYC scholarship application to them. Upon completion of the application, the office manager will notify the scholarship committee (three board members) of the request. The committee will decide on approval/disapproval of the waiver(s). The office manager will notify the family of the disposition of the application.

The Football Commissioner may also authorize scholarships utilizing the amount of interest in the established Vince Smith Scholarship Fund account. Any use of the principal in the savings requires SYC Board of Directors approval.

EXCEPTIONS: The Treasurer or President of the Springfield Youth Club may approve any exceptions to this policy.

CONFIDENTIALITY: To ensure the privacy of our SYC members and their children and to ensure accountability regarding the release of any county scholarship information, all information concerning financial assistance will be consolidated through the SYC office and sport commissioners. Names of children will not be released to anyone below commissioner level unless the request for information is from the federal, state, or county government (including the law enforcement organizations) or as a result of a court order.

POSTING: This policy will be posted on the SYC website and will be available in the SYC office and at all in-person registrations.

Adopted: FEBRUARY 11, 2004

Please call the office at 703-339-3796 for more information or if you have additional questions. 

Scholarship application information is collected during your registration. Once you complete your registration payment, you will then need to fax, email, or bring a copy of one of the  following accepted documentation items verifying financial need to the SYC office. 

  • FCPS Free & Reduced Lunch Letter*
  • FAMIS health insurance letter
  • Medicaid letter
  • Temporary Assistance for Families (TANF) letter
  • Food Stamps (SNAP) letter
  • Foster Care services letter
  • Aid for Dependent Children letter

*NOTE: Rec Soccer, Field Hockey, Futsal, Lacrosse, Softball, Volleyball, and Track/Cross Country do not accept lunch letters.

Phone: 703-339-3796
SYC Office:  SYC, 7201A Lockport Place, Lorton, VA 22079