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Field Marshall Duties

The Field Marshall is one of the most important persons on the field. She must ensure everyone is being a good sport! Field Marshalls can issue Purple Cards (see below) to people that get out of line, and can consult with the officials to decide whether the officials should eject someone from the field.

* Please introduce yourself to the officials before the game so that they can seek your assistance if they see trouble brewing, or you can seek theirs if it looks like someone may need to be ejected.

* Per NVYLL rules, Field Marshalls must also make sure that all fans sit on the sideline opposite the players benches!

As the below resources suggest, always be a polite mediator and do not get involved in any controversies yourself, but be firm that bad behavior will not be tolerated - our children are watching! If necessary, the officials can eject an unruly person.

If you are going to be a Field Marshall, please review the following resources:

Please click here for a description of Field Marshall (aka Sideline Manager) duties.

Please click here for information about Purple Card procedures.

Please click here for a template of the Purple Card, print it, and bring a few copies to the game.