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SYC Lacrosse Parents Corner

First-Time Lacrosse Registrants, Switching Lacrosse Clubs, & Mandatory NVYLL Certification

Under Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League Rule 1.2.5.a, first-time lacrosse registrants must register with clubs as follows: "all players shall register with a NVYLL club that represents their locality or public high school pyramid as determined by their residence regardless of the actual school they attend." Under NVYLL rules, first-time lacrosse families residing within the Edison, Hayfield, Lake Braddock, Lewis, and West Springfield boundaries may register with SYC. Please click here for FCPS boundaries.

NVYLL rules prohibit switching lacrosse clubs in the NVYLL, unless the player notifies the new lacrosse club and a waiver is obtained from the NVYLL, or the player has moved into a new area since playing for another lacrosse club. (This rule discourages improper recruiting of players.) If you played for another NVYLL lacrosse club last year and would like to seek a waiver to play with SYC, please contact, and provide the following information: the NVYLL club played for last year; whether last year’s club agrees to the waiver request (we would be happy to contact last year’s club to see if they consent to the request); the player’s name, age, years of experience, school; last year’s team (e.g., "Fort Hunt U11A"); and the reasons for the waiver request.

When registering with SYC, parents of U9-U15 players must certify as follows:

"NVYLL Parent/Guardian Certification for Player Registration.

1. I certify the birth date for my son/daughter on this registration is correct and that the address provided is for his/her primary residence.

2. I certify that my son/daughter has not played on a lacrosse team for any other NVYLL member program in the prior Spring season unless we have either moved our primary residence since then or obtained a waiver from NVYLL to move to a different program.

3. I understand that if I have certified to incorrect age, address, or playing information, whether intentionally or unintentionally, any team my son/daughter plays on may forfeit all games played and my son/daughter may be suspended from participating in any NVYLL activity." 

Proof of Age

Players that plan to participate in the NVYLL/travel league must provide proof of age (birth certificate, DMV youth card, current passport, or military dependent ID) to their coach or team parent before rosters are due to NVYLL.

Lacrosse "Basics"

Coaches and Team Parents - Please see the link below for a job description for the Field Commissioner that you can give the person who is handling this responsibility for each game. Thank you.