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R2P Monitors

SYC is in need of Return to Play (R2P) monitors for this fall season. Each team will need their own R2P Monitor to help make sure their team is staying on track with Return to Play guidelines. The R2P Monitor will wear their own mask and an SYC provided lime green pinnie while performing R2P monitoring duties. R2P Monitors will be responsible for the following for their team or training session: 

R2P Monitor Duties:

  • Process DAILY HEALTH CHECK-INS at practices and games. See below.
  • Observe and remind players, parents, and spectators of SYC protocols which can be found online or printed at the SYC warehouse.
  • Assist coaches as needed with safety logistics. 
  • Ensure signs are properly displayed and updated with current “Phase of Play” written on sign with dry erase marker. 
  • Keep a supply of hand sanitizer (provided by club) and have ready for coaches “as needed.”
  • Other duties as they relate to individual sports to ensure organization and safety. 
  • Must be dependable and arrive on time. Please do not bring younger siblings to these activities while performing the R2P Monitor duties.  

R2P Monitors will receive volunteer credits that can be used towards any future regular season registration with SYC. Volunteer credit amounts will vary by sport.

A limited number of lime green face coverings will be given away randomly to R2P volunteers! These will also be available for purchase at the SYC Squadlocker store.


Families have to complete this on each day of an event. They cannot participate that day until it’s done. At the field, they can show the confirmation email that they received to the check-in person. Teams might arrange for families to forward their Daily Check-In confirmation email to the R2P Monitor and/or coach on the day of the event, so they can check-in ahead of time. The person in charge of check-in must ensure that the confirmation email was sent that day and that the family is not forwarding an old confirmation email. Link for more information: