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Concussion Education Center

    How Do I Check My Family Account?

    Put in the Family Primary E-Mail

    Put in password (if you know it).... if not....Click Re-send Password button.

    Once you have access to your Family Account, scroll down to the Concussion Training Status.  If you see a Name and no date associated with it.... that person still needs to complete the training.  Click on the Name to activate the training video.

    Once you are complete with the training video, please remember to select the "Submit" button at the end and you are done.  If you are a Staff member (Volunteer) you will be instructed to take a short Q&A at the end of the Staff video presentation.


    IMPORTANT:  Before contacting the SYC Concussion Support Team or SYC Main Office with questions regarding your Concussion Education and Training (CET) status, please check ALL Family Accounts for compliance.

    Within many families, both the father and mother have created separate Family Accounts with their own personal email addresses AND they are only completing the CET within one of the Family Accounts.  Therefore, the other Family Account remains non-compliance.


    Helpful Hints:

    1. When creating a Family Account, use only the Primary Family Email Address and create only one (1) Family Account.

    2. Check with other family members to ensure a 2nd or 3rd Family Account has not been generated. If so, verify all Family Accounts for compliance.

    3.  If you receive an email that indicates you are 'Incomplete', it means some one in your Family Account has not completed their CET.  It could be the Player or Parent.  Go check your Family Account.

    4.  When in your Family Account, be sure to scroll down to the Concussion Status section of the Family Account.  If there is a NAME without a date next to it, this person still needs to complete the training.... just click on the NAME and watch the video.  If there is a date next to a NAME, the training has been completed for that Family Account member.

    5.  If you forgot your password, check the "I forgot my password" block on the Family Account login screen to receive a temporary password to reset your account.

    6.  If you have 2 or more Family Accounts, please contact the SYC Database Specialist, Linda McMahon, at 703-396-3796, and ask for the Family Accounts be merged into one account.

    We understand there are some challenges because a good number of families have created multiple Family Accounts, so please take some time to check on the above and if there is still an issue, feel free to contact us at or the Main Office at 703-339-3796.

    Why Do Parents Also Have to Complete CET?

    VA State Law states that all participants associated with SYC (in our case) must complete CET training.  This means athletes and those wishing to spectate at practice/games..... why to even spectate you ask? Well, VA State tied the CET Law to the use of VA State/County property.  Since we practice and play all our games on Fairfax County property, we hope you can understand the reason why we need Moms & Dads to complete their training as well.

    To be more specific, SYC requires that anyone associated with a Family Account needs to complete the appropriate training. IMPORTANT NOTE: Any Family Account that is still in an 'Incomplete' status while trying to complete their next registration, will be unable to complete the registration until all Family Account members have completed the required training.

    HELPFUL HINT:  Get your Family Account in a 'Complete' status now!!!  Do not wait until you want to register for another sport.

    How Does the SYC CET System Work with the SYC Registration System

    The SYC CET System is fully integrated into the SYC Registration System providing seamless compliance with mandated Virginian State CET requirements.  
    1.  In order for an Athlete/Player to be assigned to a Team/League; their CET must be 'Complete'. Everyone in the Family Account DOES NOT need to be 'Complete' in order for the Athlete/Player to be assigned to a league/team.....only the Athlete/Player at this time.
    a.  This should be completed before any Athlete/Player participates in any SYC activity (practice, game, etc.) this season.

    2.  In order for a Staff/Coach/Trainer to be assigned to a Team/League or participate at any level with SYC; their CET must be 'Complete'. This also means that they should not be participating in any SYC activity (practice, scrimmage, game, etc.) until this is complete. This includes running practice, scrimmages, games, etc.

    a.  Sign up as a Volunteer under the 'Volunteers' tab on any SYC webpage.  Proceed to the Family Account.  Complete the Staff CET module.

    3.  In order for a Parent to participate/spectate; those Parents within the Family Account must have their CET 'Complete' as well. NOTE: The only Club members we need to ensure complete the CET are those that are associated with the Family Account.

    IMPORTANT: If a Family Account is 'Not Complete' at the time of the next sports registration, you will not be able to complete that registration until the Family Account is in a 'Complete' status. We are actively attempting to get every Family Account 'Complete' prior to the start of a season, however if we are unsuccessful, parents will need to know they will need to complete all remaining Family Account CET training prior to registering for another SYC activity.

    In order to check your Family Account, please click the following URL: Use the Family Primary Email Address as the User ID and enter your password.  If you have forgotten your password, no problem, just check the box that you forgotten your password and one will be sent to your email address.

    As a reminder, this is an ANNUAL requirement, so once this is complete, you will not need to complete the training again until you register for a sport after 1 April 2017.
    Finally, the required sitting time to complete our CET range from 6-12 minutes for Athletes/Players/Parents and ~15 minutes for SYC Staff.

    Why May I Have to Take the Concussion Training AGAIN!?!?!?

    The Concussion Education & Training Program (CETP) Team is working hard to get with all the Commissioners, League Director, Team Managers, Coaches, etc. across all our Sports to ensure that we all understand why we need to take CET and even more so, why we may need to take the training again, even if we already completed it within the last year.
    First, SYC developed and implemented a new CETP that utilizes simple video modules to deliver age-appropriate training to everyone. These modules provide more information in an easy to listen and watch session.  No video is over 12 minutes.

    Second, with the new CETP, we implemented it with SYC's new Sports-Year Database and were unable to import/migrate last year's information.  Sorry, some times technology doesn't make things easier.

    Third, one of our major sports is required to implement a new Year-of-Play Mandate that is changing our age-groups.

    Lastly, no matter how frequent, all concussion education & training is GREAT training for everyone.


    Once your family completes the new CETP, you will be on our regular annual schedule with us for now on. 

    Sorry for any inconvenience..... but we are confident you will like the new CETP, especially the players.  Please provide any feedback, both positive and/or negative, that will help us continue to build a better product.


    SYC has newly updated their Concussion Education and Training Program (CETP) to accommodate required annual training for all SYC Club members (Players, Parents, and Staff/Coaches (i.e. Board of Directors, Commissioners, Team Managers, Coaches, etc.).

    IMPORTANTFor those that are interested in becoming a Volunteer for any of our SYC sports, you MUST register as a Volunteer and it is recommended you do this prior to completing any SYC CET.  The required Staff/Coach CET (for Volunteers) will supersede having to take our Parent CET.  Therefore, this will keep you from potentially completing two CET modules to Volunteer, as the Parent CET will not fulfill the requirement for a Volunteer.

    ‘NEW’ SYC Family Account

    The ‘NEW’ SYC Family Account was developed to provide our Club members a single location to maintain family information, update registrations, review volunteer credit and view/execute CET.

    For first time users, you may access your Family Account after you complete a sports registration for one of your children (or register as a Volunteer) and in your registration confirmation email, you will receive Family Account login information (User ID and passcode).  You may go directly to your Family Account and complete your CET immediately, or you may opt to log into your Family Account at a later time to complete the training.  For future use, you will find the Family Account login located under the “Members” tab on the SYC Website.


    EVERYONE Must Complete SYC Concussion Education and Training

    EVERYONE (Player, Parents, and Staff/Coaches (Volunteers)) is now required to complete SYC Concussion Education & Training prior to participation in an SYC activity or event (Practice, Game, Coach, Spectator, Parent, etc.).

    Staff/Coach Concussion Training - REQUIRED

    Player Concussion Training -  REQUIRED

    ♦ Parent Concussion Training - REQUIRED


    OPTIONAL - Impact Baseline Test - OPTIONAL

    ** An Impact Baseline Test (IBT) helps establish baseline cognitive functioning prior to sustaining a head injury. If an athlete suffers a head trauma, the IBT results can be used to compare with post-concussion test results. IBT is provided by a number of certified vendors at a reasonable cost and is a great tool for future evaluations. 

    IMPORTANT: IBT is NOT a requirement for SYC's CETP, but rather a recommended option if you desire to get it.

    SYC Has Completed Rolling Out Its NEW Concussion Education & Training Program!

    In March 2016, Springfield/South County Youth Club completed implementation of an organic Concussion Education & Training Program (CETP) that will provide our Club Membership with the awareness, training, and instruction of care regarding this “Silent Injury” that has plagued so many of our young athletes over the years. SYC has been highly involved with our state and county legislation supporting the Virginia State enacted law that now directs all non-interscholastic youth sports programs (i.e. SYC, BRYC, BAC, SYA, etc) to develop policies and procedures regarding the identification and handling of suspected concussions in student-athletes, as well as track and maintain annual training records of Club Membership completing CET. Finally, the new Virginia State law mandates that in order for the Club to utilize state/county-owned field, park, or facility, all participating Club Membership (athletes, parents, and SYC Staff) must complete CET as a prerequisite to being permitted use of the State’s property.

    With over 8,000 Club members, across 15 youth sports (REC and Travel), SYC has completed implementation of its NEW SYC CET Program in order to better accommodate all of our Club members:  SYC Staff (BoD, Commissioners, Trainers, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, etc.), Athletes (all ages, boys & girls), and Parents (Moms and Dads).  Every member that will take part in practice, play, or spectating at any SYC event is required to complete their appropriate CET.

    Therefore, during the your athlete’s registration process, you will have access to a new 'Family Account' option that provides the ability to manage your family's CET status, as well as execute age-appropriate training modules right from the Family Account.

    Our new CET system has been designed to automatically assign the age-appropriate training module for the athlete, parent, or even our Staff member. This will be all based on specific information provided during the registration process.

    We have developed four easy to watch (4) CET video modules (in YouTube format) for: (1) SYC Staff Members (Volunteer Staff); (2) Athlete (4-8 yrs old); (3) Athlete (9-12 yrs old); and (4) Athlete (13-18 yrs old). Moms and Dads will utilize the 13-18 yrs old module for their training. These video modules range from 6-12 minutes in length and each module has been developed with age-appropriate content and voice-over for easy listening.

    Within the very near future, SYC will have all our CET modules translated into Spanish and provide these as an option for those Spanish-speaking members.

    Please embrace the opportunity to better understand this ‘silent injury’ and remember, EVERY Athlete, Parent, and SYC Staff Member must complete their training prior to participation in any SYC activity whether as an athlete or spectator.

    Finally, the Concussion Education & Training is an annual requirement, not required to be taken every season.... just once a year!

    Woody Weir
    Director, SYC Concussion Education & Training Program
    Email: Concussion Support

    Concussion Checklist

    Appears dazed or stunned (such as glassy eyes) Headache or "pressure" in head.
    Is confused about assignment or position. Nausea or vomiting.
    Forgets an instruction or play. Balance problems or dizziness.
    Is unsure of score or opponent. Double or blurry vision.
    Moves clumsily or poor balance. Sensitivity to light or noise.
    Answers questions slowly. Feeling sluggish, hazy, foggy, or groggy.
    Loses consciousness (even briefly) Concentration or memory problems.
    Shows mood, behavior, or personality changes. Confusion
    Can't recall events PRIOR to hit or fall. Feeling more emotional, nervous, or anxious.
    Can't recall events AFTER hit or fall. Does not "feel right' or is "feeling down."


    • All concussions are serious

    • Most concussions occur without loss of consciousness

    • Recognition and proper response to concussions when they first occur can help prevent further injury

    • When in doubt, sit them out

    Heads Up Tool Kit for Youth Sports

    To help ensure the health and safety of young athletes, CDC developed the Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports initiative to offer information about concussions to coaches, parents, and athletes involved in youth sports. The Heads Up initiative provides important information on preventing, recognizing, and responding to a concussion.