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SYC Track Winter Conditioning

Winter Conditioning 4K Burke Lake Results 3.11.18

Bib                        Time

4217                     17:07

4219                     17:08

4221                     20:06

4226                     20:28

4211                     20:35

4230                     20:41

4210                     21:21

4218                     22:10

4215                     22:22

4207                     22:36

4224                     22:54

4220                     23:58

4212                     24:19

4225                     24:31

4206                     25:22

4208                     25:25

4205                     26:13

4232                     26:13

4213                     27:21

4209                     27:25

4229                     27:46

4227                     30:23

4223                     30:23

4214                     35:23

    4231                     38:11    

SYC offers a winter conditioning program for players who are interested in preparing for the spring track season or just for staying active during the cold winter months. The winter conditioning program is an outdoor program that is held on Sundays at a local area high school track.

    Recommended Dress and Footwear

    Please dress appropriately. You may want to consider having your child dress in layers, so that they can take off a light sweatshirt, jacket, or long sleeve t-shirt and still have something underneath. Any general athletic shorts are fine, but ones that hang well below the knee might be more cumbersome for distance running than they are for something like basketball. We STRONGLY recommend running-specific shoes in place of generic tennis shoes or any other harder soled sneakers (generally more 'squared' - such as for basketball or skateboarding). Running-specific shoes may or may not do much for performance (we are of the mind that they do), but at least consider them for their propensity for preventing injuries and blisters. Our kids are a lot more resilient and flexible than we parents are, but they are prone to ankle, knee, and even hip and heel injuries.