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SYC West End Rugby

    West End Rugby | 2024 Coaches

    U6: Stephanie Brown, Chris Roark, Tim Swartz, Sean Amico

    U8: Matt Canny, Jim Canny

    U10: Walt Archambo, Jonathan Latigona

    Coed U12: Darryl Cross, Ian Spotts, Michael Voyles, Dan Twomey, Jr.

    Coed U14: Will Fournier, Mo McInerney

    HSG/MSG: Sarah Emory, Brian Johnson, Phil Parks, Abby Tobias

    HSB: Sherwin Birashk, Reagan Douglas, Justin Smith

    If you need to reach a coach and the coach is unavailable, please contact Commish at

    Dan Twomey Jr

    Dan Twomey Jr

    Rugby Commissioner

    What We Offer

    SYC West End offers tackle and tag rugby for girls and boys, PreK thru 12th grade:  Fall Skills and Fitness (7s for High School Girls Tackle), Spring 15s Tackle and FIT Touch/Tag, and Summer 7s. All are governed by USA Rugby, Rugby Virginia and/or Chesapeake Conference (HSG/MSG). 


    Click Fairfax County Field Status after 3p on weekdays. Grove Point Park (TPFKA Franconia Park) #3 & #5 are our practice and match pitches.

    Weekends: the coaching staff decides whether Grove Point Park is playable. Franconia #4 (turf) is solely impacted if there is lightning.

    If there is lightning, we take breaks for up to 20 minutes for lightning within 6 miles. We use Weather Bug to locate lightning.

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    Rugby Fitness and Nutrition

    West End's strength & conditioning coach Dan Twomey has created these workouts and nutrition guidelines to help all our players play their best rugby. Follow his advice! 

    2023 NOTABLES

    TWO TONS of Community Service

    Our 9th year of team building and making our community better!

    This is the note from our host:

    Tremendous job today by the team and family members in wet, dirty, and difficult conditions along Accotink Creek in Annandale!  Our thanks to everyone for all their hard work!

    Number of bags filled - 43

    Unusual items - water heater, toilet, 4 tires, 2 mattresses, 6 carpet rolls, estimated two tons construction debris (mostly lumber, concrete chunks, and paint cans)

    Photos - 

    Meet at Americana Court just North of Inverton Road

    Vertical Raise Fundraiser

    The Top Ten

    Warbel Boys


    Jonah Logan


    Ally Malone


    Allison Beckenhauer


    Michael Murray


    Matilda Hamilton-Humphries


    Nathan Fournier


    Miaya Myers


    John P. Bellamy


    Xavier Searight



    Thanks to all who participated in the Vertical Raise fundraiser…this was the first time we tried something like this. We didn’t reach our goal of $10,000 but we did raise over $6300 that will be put to good use to bring us into the positive for this fiscal year and to apply to our first goal: starting the cycle to purchase new match jerseys for our teams. Considering that the average raise of everyone who raised some was over $200, we are inclined to try it again. We would love to hear from you about what you liked, what you didn’t, or why you didn’t participate.

    If you have donors that missed the Vertical Raise fundraiser, please direct them to the Donate button at All the money donated there goes directly to West End/SYC Rugby.

    Best practice: please take a few minutes to thank your donors via email, text, with a handwritten note, or in person. You can also invite them to our Annual Celebration on 17 Jun, we would like to meet them!

    Please let us know if you have any questions.