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SYC Girls Softball

    Fall registration opens in late May.

    Jeff Creskoff

    Jeff Creskoff

    Softball Commissioner

    The mission of SYC Softball is to offer Springfield area youth the opportunity to play house level softball in a controlled environment that provides entertainment and enjoyment. In addition, SYC Softball will focus on development of softball skills to prepare youth for participation in high school programs at the varsity and junior varsity level. SYC Softball is designated as a girl’s sport.


    18 and under (18U) Division - ages 13-18

    12 and under (12U) Division - ages 11-12

    10 and under (10U) Division - ages 9-10

     8 and under (8U) Division – ages 8 and under

    League age is determined by an individual’s age as of December 31 of the previous calendar year in accordance with Amateur Softball Association (ASA) code. The 8U Division generally consists of ages 6 through 8 in the spring and 5 through 8 in the fall, though family requests for players younger than the minimum age will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Where a player’s skill level is such that they are no longer challenged at their normal age group, a family request for that player to play up with older players will generally be favorably considered.


    We are always looking for experienced high school players to help with any of the following:

    • Umpiring 10U rec league games
    • Assistant coach / helping at practices at the 8U, 10U, or 12U level

    Time commitment is flexible, depending on your schedule.  This is a great way to get volunteer hours and also add something to your resume, including a reference letter from the softball commissioner.  Please email for additional information.

    2023 Softball Spirit Award Winners

    Rachel Dutkiewicz

    Rachel has been a head coach of SYC's 18u teams for the last three seasons and has had a passion for softball ever since she was a youth player herself.  This season, she is managing a roster of 18 players and has fit in two practices a week in spite of also helping run daily practices for the Hayfield HS varsity team.  She greatly enjoys coaching and is committed to working with players to develop the skills they need to play the positions that excite them.  She also does a great job of keeping players engaged and preparing them to compete in the game they love.  One area she takes particular pride in is helping players understand the value of the varied skills and sportsmanship each of them brings to the team, and how these traits can apply beyond softball.  Rachel has an infectious positive attitude and has done a tremendous job coaching our players.  We look forward to many more seasons together.

    Dillan Dutkiewicz

    Dillan has been playing SYC 18u softball for four seasons.  She is playing this season in addition to playing on the Hayfield HS team.  She always cheers during games, keeping a positive attitude and energy whether the team is winning a thriller or getting crushed.  She has always been a great player and teammate and rarely misses a game or practice.  She leads and encourages other players.  She steps up in practices to help less experienced teammates learn the game.  Dillan works hard to make her whole team feel included.  It has been great having Dillan playing with SYC and hopefully we'll have her for more seasons as a player and a future coach.

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    Field Status

    Fairfax County field status is updated M-F after 3pm.  Any field close signs posted at the field take precedence over the website or dial-in number.

    The status of elementary school fields are determined by coaches.   Guideline: If you can leave a footprint on a muddy field, the field is closed.

    Softball Sponsors

    Sponsored by Kositzka, Wicks, & Company, CPAs

    Kositzka, Wicks, & Company, CPAs

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    DICK'S Sporting Goods

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