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SYC Travel Soccer

Dotty Talbott

Dotty Talbott

Executive Director

Mission & Vision

Teach soccer skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship in a positive environment while contributing to the enjoyment, general health, and social needs of the participating boys and girls in the Greater Springfield and South County areas.

  • Be the club of choice in the Northern Virginia NOVA area.
  • Develop and maintain one of the premier house and travel programs in the Northern Virginia NOVA area.
  • Demonstrate close cooperation between our house and travel programs.
  • Instill pride and loyalty in our membership.
  • Enable players and coaches to develop to their fullest potential up to their individual interest levels.

High quality game and practice fields beyond Hooes Road Park, Greensprings, South Run Park, Lee HS, Franconia Park, and West Springfield High School.

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