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SYC Volunteerism

Revised Fee Structure and Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Philosophy – One of the Springfield/South County Youth Club’s most valuable resources is its pool of volunteers who are essential in providing quality youth sports activities to the members of our community.   In the past, SYC charged families a $40 non-volunteer fee to those who did not volunteer during the membership year.   SYC’s new fee structure recognizes the hardest working volunteers in each sport by discounting their children’s future registrations with a Volunteer Credit.  Please remember that all SYC sports need volunteers that are not on the “Reward” system.  Coaches will communicate to parents regarding any additional volunteer opportunities on an “as needed”  basis.  All volunteers are critical to our sports programs and your child’s team.  

Volunteer Credit -  Each sport in SYC has specific volunteer positions that are eligible for a Volunteer Credit. 

To volunteer for the designated positions, volunteers must sign up through our volunteer link presented at the end of the registration process or volunteer separately on our home page  under the volunteer tab.  A team or league official will then assign you to the appropriate position so that the volunteer credit can be applied to your account. 

Once selected, volunteers must complete:

  • Background check submission form - tracked in registration system.
  • Abuse Awareness Training - tracked in registration system.
  • Concussion Awareness Training - honor code. 

After the volunteer job has been completed, and the system shows that the background check and abuse awareness training has been completed, the office staff will add the Volunteer Credit to the volunteer's account. The credits will automatically be applied to the next registration eligible for discounts for players in the same family account.  Credits do not have to be used in the same membership year. 

SYC’s membership year begins with the registration of any summer sport through the following spring sports.

Please remember it is your responsibility to volunteer!

Volunteer Credits


  •  League Directors:   $50
  •  Head Coaches:  $25
  • Assistant Coaches: $10
  • Summer League Head Coaches: $10  


  • All-Star Director:  $100
  • All-Star Coach: $50
  • All-Star Assistant Coach: $50
  • All-Star Part-Time Assistant: $25
  • All-Star Coordinator:  $20
  • Rec Head Coaches:  $25
  • Rec Assistant Coaches:  $10


  •  Head Coaches:  $25


  •  Head Coaches:  $25
  • Assistant Coaches: $10
  • Director: $75
  • Assistant Director: $75


  • Deputy Commissioner: $75
  • Commissioner of Coaches: $75
  • Commissioner of Players: $75
  • Concession Manager: $75
  • Equipment Manager: $75
  • Head Coaches: $75
  • Assistant Coaches: $25


  • League Director: $50
  • Referee: $25


  • Deputy Commissioners (Boys and Girls):  $50
  • Equipment Director:  $50
  • Fields Director:   $50
  • Fundraising Director:  $50
  • Coaches Director:  $50
  • Sponsorship Director:  $50
  • Head Coaches:  $25
  • Age Group Coordinators:  $25


  •  Head Coaches:  $25
  • Assistant Coaches:  $15


  • Deputy Commissioners (Boys and Girls):  $50
  • Rec League Directors:  $75
  • Rec Head Coaches:  $40
  • Rec Assistant Coaches: $20 (1 per team)


  •  Head Coaches:  $25
  • Assistant Coaches: $25


  • Coach: $65


  • 3 Club Reps/Deputies (NCSL, NPL, EDP, VYSA )$50 each
  • Coaches (volunteer only, licensed, rostered) $50
  • Team managers $50
  • Team treasurers $25


  • League Directors:  $50
  • Head Coaches:  $25
  • Assistant Coaches: $10