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High School Girls House Soccer League

The HSGHSL Spring 2020 season has unfortunately been cancelled due to the impacts of the Covig-19 virus.

Please stay safe and healthy and we will plan to see everyone back in the Fall.


U19 Girls Rec Soccer is run under the High School Girls House Soccer League (HSGHSL). The HSGHSL is a cooperatively run league among local area clubs. SYC, BRYC, and VYS teams currently participate in this league each season. The purpose of HSGHSL is to provide an opportunity for high-school-aged girls (U19) on house recreational teams to play soccer in competition against teams of similar composition. 

Reporting Game Results

Both coaches (win, lose or tie) should email scores to all League Directors and  the scheduler as soon as they can after the game. (Scores are posted as they are received). Names of girls who score or assist -- along with top defenders (coach's nomination: 1 point for outstanding defense, 2 points for a super, super job) -- can be sent either with the score or later. (Individual Stats are generally updated on Mondays or Tuesdays.)

Referee Evaluation

Fill out the evaluation form, save it to pdf, and email to Mac, Dan,  and Jim (AND your club referee coordinator).


Team # Club Color Coaches Home/Cell/Work Phones Email Address
1 SYC NAVY OR WHITE BISHOP H=703-866-5074 C=703-216-1092
2 BRYC BLUE OR GRAY ALCORN H=703-451-8081 C=703-517-3449
3 SYC NAVY OR WHITE RAY C=901-361-8382 W=703-451-4011
4 VYS RED OR WHITE MEGINLEY/WEIGAND M=703-868-9430 W=571-318-1877
5 VYS RED OR WHITE PAGE P=703-295-2119 W=703-424-8133
6 BRYC BLUE OR GRAY SULLIVAN C=703-475-6004 703-475-6003
7 SYC NAVY OR WHITE MILLER H=703-569-1655 C=703-909-3721
8 VYS RED OR WHITE LEACH H=703-938-0710

Fall 2019 Team Standings

Place Team Name Win=4 Lose=1* Tie=2 Points Percent Goals For Goals Against Games Played
*forfeit = 0

(standings determined by points for Spring 2020)

*Loss by forfeit = 0

Schedules and Results

All scheduling changes need prior approval from either Mac, Dan, or Jim.

Date Teams Field Time Score


Mac Squires

U19G League Co-Director

Phone: Home: 703-978-8178

Cell: 703-508-4379
Work: 703-693-1301

Jim Miller

U19G League Co-Director

Phone: Home: 703-569-1655

 Cell: 703-909-3721

Dan Leach

U19G League Co-Director

Phone: Home: 703-938-0710

Individual Records


Team # Player Name Goals Assists

Individual Records


Team # Player Name Games Nominated Point